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Because That's Where the Money Is

Published: 09/30/2014

by Nathan L. Ottinger, Senior Vice President, Payments Industry Banking September 30, 2014 When the notorious 1920s era bank robber Willie Sutton was asked by a newspaper reporter why he robbed banks,...

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Tips for Loan Candidates

Published: 09/16/2014

by Larry Neal, Assistant Vice President, Risk Management September 16, 2014 After three years in business, you've made it! The phone is ringing off the hook. Orders are rolling in, and you are having ...

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Monetary Policy and Economic Vitality

Published: 09/16/2014

by Douglas L. Williams, President & CEO September 16, 2014 In responding to the global financial crisis in 2008, the severe recession which followed, and the still tepid recovery, the Federal Rese...

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Dreaming of an IPO? Read this first.

Published: 03/12/2014

March 12, 2014 These days, many entrepreneurs dream of taking their company public. It is splashy, exciting, and a way for founders to raise growth capital and take chips off the table. Notable past I...

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